Summer Solar Forcast

We have had quite the summer lately, everything from a grandiose time at fire drums, to an illuminating time at the little giant lighting gig, and a whole lot of fun renegading at whole earth. Despite a discouraging run in with the rangers of Golden Gate Park, we have been having a pretty epic summer. Now we have a golden…….NO PLATINUM performance lined up for our late summer/Rocktober tour, which is guaranteed to rock our fiery world.

First of all, for those who haven’t heard yet, WERE GOING TO the NATIONALS!!! That’s right folks, Solar Flare has been invited to perform at Burning Man 2012 conclave. Although this is our 7th year of being in conclave, making the cut is none the less an honor. We are going to be on stage with some of the sickest fire performance groups in the world. Once again, the fearless KaRen has stepped up to be our humble leader, with the assistance of Firekitten as our wonderful co-shin. We have a long road of preparations ahead of us, but we can see a flame at the end of the tunnel.

So, August 30th we will be doing our annual fire Opera at Burning Man once more. This year’s performance will be in the fire garden of Illumination Village at 8PM thursday evening. There will be at least one beautiful woman falling from the heavens, and plenty of hot sexy fans attending. Not to mention our narration is scripted by multiple Man-Burner-Prize Awardee Jackie-Oh-baby. You really don’t want to miss out on this one! This could be the last time you might be able to see the Fire Opera 2012……… SO, set your calendars for August 30th at 8:00, and be there at 2:30 and Esplanade for the hottest show on the playa. Please note that we moved the show to an earlier time so that we do not compete with the CORE burns, which happen at 9PM on the same day.

This summer has also been trying to our practice schedule. In May we were kicked out of the grove by the Golden Gate Park Rangers. We even got a citation for lighting up in the park. Since then we have had to take our practices to an undisclosed location and lay low for a little while. We hope to be able to go back to the park someday, but for now we just need to let the location cool down. If you like to burn in Aids memorial grove, please fimd an alternative spot until further notice. That way we will all be able to enjoy the space again in the future.

In the meantime we have plenty of gigs, for the 4th of July, some of us put on an epic burn for the Want It! campout. This weekend some of us will be burning at the Friends and Family campout. Followed by the Chaos leading up to Burning Man. We have plenty of Epic experiences lined up for the fall. We have Strategik’s Sanctuary Campout, followed by Decompression, and a couple of fundraisers. We also might have a hot surprise for San Francisco (but I’m suppose to keep it hush hush).

Until then, remember that Solar Flare loves you,

~Capt. Alien