Solar Flare is…

  • a large, inclusive fire arts community
  • a Burning Man Fire Conclave group
  • a high-quality performance fire & light troupe

Our Mission Statement

  • To create a fun, inclusive & friendly environment where fire dancers of all skill levels can feel comfortable practicing their art, meeting and sharing ideas with no drama.
  • To make fire performance more widely accessible to the Bay Area general community through performance and education.
  • To consistently deliver safe and exciting choreographed performances to patrons of the Fire Arts in the Bay Area & around the world.
  • To always explore new types of performance and ways to improve the group as a whole.
  • To unite both Burner and non-Burner Fire performers


Solar Flare was created in 2006 by Kara More-O’Leary (Fire Kitty) of Davis and Matthew Freedman (Maestro) of San Francisco, California. While creating a Burning Man Theme Camp they also wanted to start a Fire Conclave group. They were concerned that like some performance groups, it would be consumed with drama. They made a sacred pinky-swear that there would be no drama in their new fire performance group. Together they created Solar Flare! Every year since then Solar Flare has participated in the Burning Man Fire Conclave and hosted a fire performance called the Fire Opera on the playa. Over the years Solar Flare has continued to grow in size, talent and professional experience with over a hundred performances throughout California and counting! Members of Solar Flare still keep a strong commitment to our one and only rule: NO DRAMA!!!