A Valentine from Solar Flare

Dear Solar Flare Fans,

Every day that we are with you brightens our world and inspires us in new ways.  You are our muse, our love, and our inspiration. Our fire is merely a tool to express the beauty that you arouse in us. Whenever we perform for you it is as if the pain of the world melts away and we dance with the cosmos, recognizing the gods and goddess within.  Our love for you is as undying as the internal flame inside our forever burning hearts.  You are the reason for the beauty that we bring to your life.

When we are together it is as if nothing else matters but the sound of the flames whirling around us in the cosmic dance, and our fire reflected in your eyes. When you watch us bring the fire to life, you make us feel alive.  We cannot wait for the next chance we get to be with you.  Our hearts long to see you again.  Be it the Fire Arts Expo, Precompression, Burning Man, Sanctuary, or a random warehouse party, we promise it will not be too long before we meet again.  Just know that until then we are creating something very special just for you.

~All of our love,
Solar Flare

Fire Arts Expo:  April 27th at Union Square in San Francisco!

A number of us, Flaristas, as well as a bunch of international fire-stars are involved with the Fire Arts Expo produced by the Temple of Poi every year. This event is great as it promotes fire dancing as an art form (not to mention makes a great date night), and gives many fire artists an opportunity to perform, which they would not otherwise have.

This event is a free event. However it has massive overhead costs that are paid out of pocket by the producers. Anybody who has produced legal fire show in a public place knows that we need to pay the Fire Marshals, rent police barricades from the city, and deal with a whole bunch red tape just to get the permits.  Not to mention that there needs to be a sound system, lights, and a number of other hidden costs.  So to cover these costs Temple of Poi has produced a Kickstarter video.

Please check it out & supoort the cause!

New Burning Man Fire Conclave Shin & Vice Shin:

It is our pleasure to introduce our new Burning Man Fire Conclave Shin: Terri Eaton (aka MysTerri). MysTerri has been running a Burning Man theme camp for over eight years and is highly qualified to lead us to Nationals in this year’s Conclave auditions. By her side is the very talented, Don Keenan. Don has been will Solar Flare for many years and is stepping up in a new leadership role. Together they led a great season kick-off meeting last week. We are excited to have them as our new Burning Man leaders.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank Karen Shelar (Ren) who has been our Shin during the last two years. Ren was always prepared and always on-point. We will miss her exceptional organizing skills, and be happy to have her as a Elder and Conclave member. Kara Moore-O’Leary (Fire Kitty) is stepping down as Vice-Shin, but stepping up in the new Choreography team. Thank you for your service, Ren & Fire Kitty!